Who We Are

A & M Home Health Solutions embraces a holistic approach to health and wellness. Inherent in our mission is the belief that patient education promotes a healthier society. So our approach is not only to treat illness at hand but also to help the patient understand what factors have contributed to their illness and how to prevent further difficulties.

As a team we work with the patient, family, and physician to ensure each patient’s return to good health. A specific care plan is developed on a case by case basis providing the best Homecare services as needed. Or we will simply follow the regime prescribed by the patients physician. Once underway, we follow up with a monthly case management evaluation to check patient’s progress and adjust the plan of care accordingly. Our ultimate goal is to provide superior care services and to maintain the highest standards.

The deliverance of skilled and ancilliary services must be in compliance with government standards, rules and regulations. Services must be consistent with the needs of the patient while being cost effective and we achieve these standards with all our patients while being cost-effective. By treating you/our client at home, skilled home care nurses can detect complications in the early stages and report them to the physician. We recognize every human being has personal rights which must be respected and should not be violated. We are committed  to ensuring your rights as a healthcare client.

Dedicated & Quality Care

In support of our Agency’s philosophy, employees are dedicated to the provision of comprehensive quality care which is patient and family centered. The care we provide focuses on the patients unique physiology, safety, psychological, self-esteem needs.

Facilities We Provide Services 

  • Private homes
  • Independent retirement communities
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Hospice
  • Long Term Care Facilities (Nursing Homes)
  • Rehabilitation/Sub-Acute Centers